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Results Competition 2008

Overall 1st, Shane Gilvarry, Newport SAC, 369pts, 65 fish
2nd, SEan Ketterick, Westport SAC, 330pts, 92 fish
3rd, David Fearson, Allergan SAC, 285pts, 68 fish
Ladies 1st, Margaret Sweeney, Achill, 267pts, 71 fish
2nd, Margaret Lewis, Scotland, 90 pts, 24 fish
Junior 1st, Darragh Connolly, Westport, 207pts, 48 fish
2nd, Corey O'Toole, England, 129 pts, 32 fish
3rd, Jack Dallow, England, 108 pts, 30 fish
Overseas 1st, Alan Reid, Wales, 357 pts, 91 fish
2nd, Steven Quinn, England, 297 pts, 90 fish
3rd, CV McCarthy, England, 288 pts, 60 fish
4th, Pieter Rietveld Sr., Netherlands, 207 pts, 57 fish
Team of Two 1st, Sean Ketterick, Ian Moore, 522 pts
2nd, Jim Pressley, Damien Gannon, 519 pts
3rd, Brian Slater, Alan Reid, 465 pts
Team of Four 1st, Shane Gilvarry, Sean Ketterick, Declan Donnellan, Edward Kilroy, 1.050 pts
2nd, Alan Reid, Steve Quinn, Wyn Parry, Gwenie, 1.047 pts
3rd, Ray O'Sullivan, Stephen Quin, Andy Pamle, Mick, 861 pts
Boatman's Prize Patrick Gavin, Clew Bay Dawn

The competition would not be possible without the support of the following sponsors:

Portwest Harbour Mill Carraig Donn Jack Dylan