Competition rules

Conservation Rules applyPoints shall be allocated per fish caught as per point table . All fish must be returned alive to the sea.
Tope/skateOnce the fish has been recognised by at least two other anglers on board the vessel and having broken the surface of the water, it will be allocated the appropriate points.
HooksA competitor may use no more than three hooks on one trace (1 Triple or Triangular hook counts as 3 hooks).
TracesNo pre-baited traces are allowed, other than the trace in current use (no trace on stand by to be baited)
CastingNo over head casting, at anytime, is allowed.
Foul hooked fishWhere two or more anglers hooks are found to be in any fish landed, whether in the mouth or in the body, the fish shall be disqualified.
ConductAll anglers are asked to be courteous to one another at all times.
Boat CaptainIn any dispute, the Boat Captains call is FINAL.
BaitBait will be supplied for the boat and shall be the responsibility of the Boat Captain. Anglers may use their own bait.
RaysAll Rays must be a minimum of 12inches wingspan.
FlatfishAll other flatfish must be a minimum of 10inches in length, This includes Gurnard.
DogfishDogfish and all other round fish must be a minimum of 12inches in length.
Specimen FishA competitor who considers he/she has caugth a Specimen may retain the fish for the purpose of a specimen claim.