Results 2009

Over 65 anglers took part in both the Shore Competition and the 3 day Boat Competition.  The anglers came from Holland, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Weather conditions were excellent with bright sunshine, calm waters and a running tide. The fishing also proved to be excellent with unprecedented catches recorded off the shore at Inishgort lighthouse. 118 fish were recorded and returned alive to the water and species included Dogfish, Bullhuss and Ray.

Catches over the 3 day Boat Competion were also excellent. Species included Dogfish, Bullhuss, Ray and Rockling. In total 2268 fish were recorded and returned alive to the sea.

Shore Competition1st, Owen McCreal, Westport, 102 pts, 19 fish
2nd, Kenneth Canning, Westport, 81 pts, 17 fish
3rd, Alan Reid, Wales, 72 pts, 11 fish
Overall1st, Steve Quinn, England, 579 pts
2nd, Paul Ruddy, Westport, 384 pts
3rd, David McDermott, Mullingar, 357 pts
Ladies Champion1st, Margaret Sweeney, Achill, 249 pts
2nd, Margaret Lewis, Scotland, 147 pts
Junior Champion1st, Darragh Connolly, Westport, 231 pts
2nd, Matthew Fearson, Westport, 201 pts
3rd, Liam Gavin, Westport, 110 pts
4th, Jack Dallow, England, 108 pts
5th, Corey O'Toole, Westport, 96 pts
6th, Tomas Kelly, Westport, 54 pts
Overseas1st, Alan Reid, Wales, 396 pts
2nd, Danny, England, 300 pts
3rd, Pieter Rietveld Sr., Netherlands, 294 pts
Team of Two 1st, Damien Gannon (Westport), Tom McDermott (Mullingar), 573 pts
2nd, Pieter Rietveld Jnr (Holland), David Fearson (Westport), 438 pts
3rd, Tony (England), Ian Moore (England), 431 pts
Team of Four1st, Steve Quinn, Alan Reid, Andy Pamely, C.V. McCarthy, 1275 pts
2nd, Damien Gannon, Paul Ruddy, Sean Ketterick, Liam Ketterick, 1206 pts
3rd, Danny, Brian, Mick Edgerley, Fishy, 996 pts
Daily Prizes:
1st, Steve Quinn, England, 237 pts
2nd, Paul Ruddy, England, 171 pts
3rd, David McDermott, Ireland, 156 pts
3rd, Alan Reid, Wales, 156 pts
Daily Prizes:
1st, Allan Reid, Wales, 195 pts
2nd, Damion Gannon, Westport, 177 pts
3rd, Steve Quinn, Endland, 174 pts
Daily Prizes:
1st, Steve Quinn, England, 168 pts
2nd, Liam Ketterick, Westport, 105 pts
3rd, Barry Kortekaas, Holland, 93 pts
3rd, Thomas Moran, Westport, 93 pts
Champion BoatmanReg Roynane, Lady Helen