Results 2018

Westport and Irelands longest established Sea Angling Festival, now in existence for 63 years (1956 – 2018), took place in perfect weather conditions on the beautiful waters of Clew Bay from 20th to 24th June 2018.

Almost 50 anglers from as far as Holland, Scotland, Wales, England and various parts of Ireland took part in this most prestigious event, with 5 boats going to sea each day.

Weather conditions were idyllic and fishing excellent, with many species recorded including Dogfish, Bull Huss, Thornback Ray, Blonde Ray, Tope, Ling and Conger. 5189 fish recorded at all.

As always, we are deeply grateful for the support of both our overseas and local anglers who have supported us continually over the years. Many anglers attending the festival for over 20 – 30 years on an annual basis.

We are grateful for the support and dedication of our boat owners and skippers who work tirelessly to ensure that all the participating anglers have “The Clew Bay” experience each year.

Our sponsors continue to show us huge support which ensures that this most wonderful festival will continue long into the future. We take this opportunity to thank most sincerely Harry and Deirdre Hughes for their unwavering support, the Harbour Mill Apartments, Jack Dylan Jewellers, Kevin and staff at the Quay’s pub and local councillor Brendan Mulroy for their continued support.

The Westport Sea Angling Festival was and remains one of the most prestigious events for the angling calendar both at home and overseas. Each year we strive to encourage new participants and we will continue to endeavour to promote our event. As Irelands longest, established Sea Angling Festival we are proud to maintain this honour and tradition, and look forward to welcoming many more angling friends to Westport long into the future.

Shore Competition1st – Tommy Dunn, England
2nd – Steve Wilson, Scotland
Overall Champion (over 3 days)1st – Darragh Connolly, Westport
2nd – Tommy Dunn, England
3rd – Jim Pressley, England
Overseas Champion (over 3 days)1st – Frank Carr, England
2nd – Wyn Parry, Wales
3rd – Andy Pamley, England
Ladies Champion1st - Irene Walsh, Westport
Junior Champion1st – David Loftus, Mulranny
2nd – Brian Gannon, Westport
Juvenile Champion1st – Oisin Gannon, Westport (Senior Boys)
1st – Jess Loftus, Mulranny (Junior Lady)
Under 25 Champion1st- Conor Tiernan, Louisburgh
2nd- Tomas Kelly, Westport
Team of Four Champions1st – Wales: Wyn Parry, Gary Jones, Gwynie Andrews, Richard Fishy Lowe
2nd –Ireland/England: Darragh Connolly, Conor Tiernan, Tomas Kelly, Jim Pressley
3rd – Ireland/England: Damien Gannon, Andy Pamley, Ian Moore, Paul Ruddy
Team of Two (over 3 days)1st – Stan Parry (Wales) & Piet Rietveld (The Netherlands)
2nd – Tony Sykes (England) & Ross Barrett (Westport)
3rd – Steve & John Dunn (England)
Steve Wilson, Scotland & C.V. McCarthy, England
Daily Prizes:
1st – Stan Parry, Wales
2nd – Padraic Ketterick, Westport
3rd – Darragh Connolly, Westport

Daily Prizes:
1st – Frank Carr, England
2nd – Padraic Ketterick, Westport
3rd – Allan Williams, Wales
Daily Prizes:
1st – Gary Jones, Wales
2nd – Wyn Parry, ales
3rd – Frank Carr, England
Individual Fish Awards:Huss – Arthur Bwownbridge, England
Ray/Blonde Ray – Oisin Gannon, Westport
Conger - Allan Suddick, England
Tope - Frank Carr, England
Ling - Roger Martin, Westport
John Foy Memorial AwardDavid Fearson, Westport
Special PrizeGerry & Molly Boiling
Champion BoatmanPatrick & Padraic Gavin