Results 2022

After 2 years of cancellations because of the Covid 19 this year’s competition took place.

The weather was atrocious, probably the wettest, windiest weekend anyone can remember, but we managed to get out each day. Only 3 boats, as that is all that are now available in Westport and 27 Anglers.

During those 3 days 1643 fish were recorded which included Dog, Huss, Ray, 2 Tope, 1 Tub Gurnard and 1 Rockling. Huss and Ray were very present in the bay over the 3 days, with some anglers recording catches of 14/15 Huss or Ray daily.

Click on photo of the lighthouse

Overall Champion (over 3 days)1. David Fearson (Westport)

Overseas Champion (over 3 days)1. Tom Dunn - England

2. Gary Jones - Wales

Ladies Champion (over 3 days)1. Jessica Loftus - Westport
Team of Four Champions1. David Fearson - Westport
Colin - Westport
David Loftus - Westport
Jessica Loftus - Wesport

2. Darragh Connoly - Westport
Conor Tiernan - Westport
Damien Gannon - Westport
Kevin Mortimer - Westport

Individual Fish Awards:Tope - Darragh Conolly & Dave Fearson
Rockling - Damien Gannon